Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bonjour Baby Batiste!

So I've been in SF since Friday. Apologies for the Internat outage, and even more apologies if you happen to live in SF and I haven't seen you. I've been working, wedding showering and hanging out with a special little man who I realize has not yet made his Internat debut. So at the ripe age of 5 weeks, here he is:

As you know my middle name is babysnatcher, so naturally the birth of Baby Batiste, Dyani and Brice's little bi-lingual bebe, has made me batty (in the best way possible). I visited him last month when he was 6 days old; which I now realize was probably pretty inappropriate at the time since only family had visited, sorry Deej. He slept through approximately 99% of my first visit, a boy after my own heart. This time though, he was a whole new little man.

Since I consider all teammates sisters, I have already assumed the role of Tante Natalie and am gunning to be his favorite aunt by the time he can say "Oui!" Which, I may add, is probably going to be sooner rather than later since he is the product of an MD, DDS and PHD from Harvard. Anyway, I spent Friday afternoon strapped into the baby bijorn (watch out Deej, I could make a run for it with him) and bouncing around the house singing and dancing. Pretty much a typical afternoon for me anyway...aside from the 10lb nugget.

Clearly I insisted on seeing him again this visit, so Jess volunteered to host Baby's first dinner party, where I spent the evening bouncing Batiste with one hand and sipping low sodiYUM cioppino with the other. Heaven.

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