Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby G's Shower/Homecoming

So, yes, it's been a while. But 2 months, 6 cross-country trips, 3 weddings, hundreds of miles run and god knows how many cookies baked, later, I'm baaaaaack. So let's just get on with it and start with the present, cool? Alright, good. Hopefully I'll have time to post some of the highlights from the hiatus, but I can't be bothered at the moment.

So I just returned from my latest cross-country trip: Stanford 5 year reunion. My my my, how time flies. Truth is, I've gone to homecoming every year since I graduated (see last years' post), so it wasn't all that different to be back on the Farm. The big difference this year over the others, was that, in addition to my 20+ friends who are in the die-hard homecoming-every-year-til-I-die group, there were also hundreds of our classmates on campus, many of whom I had not laid eyes on since '05. This made for a couple of fun conversations, and a healthy dose of awkward stop-and-chats or walk-by waves. The class seems to have matured partially-- many blinging fingers, some new facial hair and love handles, and a couple of pregnant bellies...One of which was our dearest Dyani Jones Gaudillière!

Dyani, who was married away in a fairy tale wedding back in April, is officially 6 months pregnant with a boy...and for the record this was a planned honeymoon baby :). As soon as we heard the news, the team nicknamed him Baby G (for Gaudilliere) or Napoleon (he is french after all). In any case, before hitting the tailgates, we threw a little Baby Shower in the Pi Phi Lounge for the hottest mama. Though it was our first team shower, we blew it out of the water (if I do say so myself).

Everyone brought their favorite children's book to start a collection for Baby G, and some even brought it in English AND French, a lovely touch for what promises to be a bi-lingual baby. Ashlee crafted up some amazing banners ("Bonjour Bebe G") and baby bottles with custom labels which doubled as our champagne flutes.

Dyani wearing Ashlee's "This is what a MILF looks like" party hat...

We decorated onesies, ate mini cupcakes, and showered the mama in gifts including a carseat (you cant leave home without it) and of course, I made the ultimate Stanny baby cake.

This baby has some crazy aunties :)

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  1. wow great, lovely photos. It looks delicious this cake.
    Mickey Buarao