Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gimme S'more Whoopie Pies!

As you know, I love me a campfire and not just because it's cozy and smells like summer. S'mores have long been on list of favorite desserts--nothing tops their gooey, chocolatey, crunch!

So when looking for inspiration for a dessert to bring to a dinner party tonight, I nearly started drooling when I saw these
S'Mores Whoopie Pies on the Capital Baker (Allison's step sister) blog. I've never made whoopie pies, but if there was ever a recipe that would inspire me this was it!

I must admit it was a little more involved than my standard weeknight baking project, but thanks to my AMAZING new standing mixer, start to finish it probably took about 2 hours. I followed the instructions using just a tablespoon dollop for each pie but they turned out a lot smaller than I expected....more like mini whoopie pies.
Equally tasty and adorable, but more fun-sized, making it even easier to justify saying gimme s'more!

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