Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Magic in the Middle

Everyone loves a surprise inside. That was the theme for this Winter's edition of the Winsor Weekend (the WWW for short). Luring us by telling us she had recently renovated her kitchen to include TWO ovens (as well as literally 10x my counter space), we headed deep into suburbia to visit Meg in her West Hartford home/palace.

First things first, Dr.Rossin arrived with her stethoscope to see if she could hear Baby G's (yes, there is a new baby-to-be G!) heartbeat....There's magic in her middle! (stretch, sorry)
We then made ourselves at home and set up shop for an afternoon of baking and reminiscing. We whipped up some Magic in the Middle cookies which were the pretty much a cookie version of a peanut butter cup. Its a much easier recipe than the sophisticated result may suggest, so I recommend you test it out.
Completely chocolate and unassuming on the outside, but a delish peanut butter surprise when you bite in!
Thanks for the Magical weekend Meg, we'll be back!

1 comment:

  1. I made magic in the middle cookies and Sasha asked if I got the recipe from your blog. I didn't remember this post, but clearly great minds think alike! Mine weren't chocolaty enough so I'm considering trying it with brownie mix cookies next time...
    Happy baking!