Thursday, March 17, 2011

Go Green!

So, it's St.Patty's day. I have no idea what this celebration is actually for (other than four leaf clovers, Irish people and green beer drinking), but I never met a holiday I didn't like. Any excuse for dressing in theme, wearing costumes and using food coloring.

This morning on my run (sporting a green jacket, duh) I ran into a little dog wearing a hat....I didn't have my camera but this is what it looked like:
Things like this always make me smile-- New Yorkers never do seise to surprise me.

To celebrate the holiday I decided to whip up some rice crispy treats with a hint of color. It was an experiment but it worked surprisingly well-- I just added about 8 drops of green food coloring to the melted marshmallow mixture before adding the cereal, and then proceed with the classic rice crispy treat recipe. Then I melted some chocolate and let it cool in the fridge until it was frosting-like enough for spreading into a little clover (please excuse my drawing skills, I didn't have a clover cookie cutter in my collection so this was freehand).
(and yes, Meg, I still have fake nails on)
It struck me after the fact that maybe I should have substituted Lucky Charms for Rice Crispies, since they are all about rainbows and leprechauns and seem to be related to the holiday more than Snap, Crackle and Pop (or were they leprechauns too?)...but oh well.

Best thing about Rice Crispy treats? They're cereal, so it's totally appropriate to them eat for breakfast! Go Green!

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