Thursday, August 25, 2011

Love Doctors

Oh hello, yes, I know, it's been a while. Truth is, I've been refraining from blogging for the past few months, while I was funemployed because I knew it would just be too mean. You didn't really want to hear about my life of midday outdoor yoga classes in bryant park, leisurely afternoons reading on the highline, evenings cruising with a cocktail on my way to the Yankees game now did you? See, it was generous of me, I knew the jealousy would be too much. So you're welcome.

But now I'm back, a month into my new job at Etsy, which I understand may make some of you jealous (who could blame you, I get to craft AT work), but I think it's an appropriate enough time to start blogging again. Some notable things have happened since I last updated the Internat, and I'll fill you in little by little. At the moment I'd like to dedicated this post to several very special doctors in my life. These three docs are all very important in the well-being of one my vital organs: my heart!

First up: The Drs. O'Malley, finally got married this month (see this post on their engagement a mere 28 months ago!), and it was a blissfully wonderful weekend in Sonoma. We stayed at the beautiful H2 Hotel, and I felt like a VIP getting to spend some great quality time with the future Mrs.O'Malley on her big day. The whole bridal party took off for a group run and bike on the morning of the wedding, borrowing perfectly picturesque white beach cruisers from the hotel. Later when we were dressed up, the bikes came in handy for ridiculously adorable pics! (See many more here thanks to the Paul-parazzi)

It was a tearful day as I watched my mom preform Kit and Ryan's thoughtful and personal ceremony and pronounce them husband and wife. Hey, it's not every bridesmaid that gets to kiss the officiant in the recessional.

I must say after a weekend full of such love, I've been suffering from a little PWSD! The only cure will be seeing them soon, so I'll have to make a trip to Boston.

The third Doctor is actually a Dr-to-be (can we call her a DTR?), one Rebecca Sista-girl Schwartz, is officially white-coated and ready to take on the world of medicine at UPenn armed with endless textbooks, a stethoscope and a banana. Clearly.

I think that during this glamorous white-coat photo shoot (talk about Dr. McDreamy) my mom said something like "Paging Dr.Schwwwaaaartz!" and Bec whipped that out of her pocket. Not sure though. I, sadly, could not make it to the white coat ceremony, but I came in for the celebration dinner (and fro yo).

Can you tell we are very proud?

I love you Drs!

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