Tuesday, August 25, 2009

AppleBOMB wedding

If last weekend was the perfect west coast wedding, this weekend was the perfect east coast wedding. Amanda, my high school bf, married Bryce Appelbaum in an oh so lovely Newport, R.I. She looked stunning (are you getting sick of me saying that about every bride?) and I can honestly say she was THE most smiley bride I ever did see-- her cheeks must still be burning.

I third wheeled it with Nev and Graham all weekend-- which was heavenly. I may be the only Schwartz I know that had never been to a Jewish wedding until this weekend. This was a great first-- loved the personal aspects of the ceremony, and focus on the couple rather than God. And of course, loved the crushing of the glass (video) and the hora. Crazy that the last person I saw up in a chair was probably Amanda on her Bat Mitzvah 13 years ago, and there she was in a wedding dress. Here's a video of her walking down the isle (and yes, you can hear me and Neva sobbing like babies in the background). Full photo library here.

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