Thursday, August 27, 2009

No-Bake Diaper Cake!

It's my coworker Elaine's last week before maternity leave, and somehow I got the idea to create a diaper cake for her departure. I think I remember it from this scene in SATC?

Lauren got a glipse of it and sent me the following introduction for my fake (future?) company/website/video series/TV show:

It is with honor and utmost excitement that I announce the following: coming soon to meet bountiful demand, mini martha's how-to-craft-it-clip-its!
Are you twenty-something? Social and suffering from the "what to bring to yet another [insert engagement party, baby shower, coworker bday] syndrome", sick of the standard solutions? Not anymore... Ask Natastic How To Craftastic!

Paving the way with positivism and her ever-inventive punch, Natastic shows you how to make your own
diaper cake, create custom wine labels / beer koozies, decorate an apartment of limited dimensions (try painting stripes or fabriced headboards!)...

Martha is sweet but not all of us have mansions (yet) nor the time/need for that terrific turkey, so strip off Martha's apron and strap on Natty's spandex for a solution that's light(er) on the budget
and heavy on fun.

I did video it with the flip cam from the floor of my apt (unfortunately I was not in spandex) and am currently working on editing the "how to" video. I must say I got some odd looks buying 72 diapers at 10pm on a Wednesday night, and walking to work slowly with the cake balanced gently on piece of cardboard trying to make sure the mini-crocks didn't drop from the top.

Best reaction at work was, "how did you make pastries look so much like diapers?" I'm not that crafty. Yet.

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