Monday, October 26, 2009

New Ad Campaign: Nattyisms

Those of you that watch TV may have noticed that Natural Night has launched a pretty rad campaign about me: Nattyisms! Not only was my college nickname Natty Light, but for my 20th birthday, Kit even ordered up a whole bunch of Nataphernalia that said "Nattyism #1" and so on...Natrocious that they stole her idea.

The campaign website features a pretty sick glossary of Nattyisms, some favorites being: Naturday, Natio Furniture, Nata Girl and Natapolt. Perhaps the most fitting are Natoleptic (finally, a name for my sleeping condition!) and Nattitude Adjustment. It also includes several expressions which were Natsolutely stolen from my friend group including Natman (coined on the high school lax field by Meghan (Sullivan) Girard), Natalicious (coined by Kit in our freshman dorm) and Nattastic (coined by LBG and posted in this very blog).

The campaign includes a site, some sweet gear, and of course some pretty amusing TV spots which are also available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube:

Important Nattyism left out? The Internat. Haha, missed it. At least that makes me Nattisfied.

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