Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stanny Love

On the plane on the way back from Homecoming 2k9. Every year I come back (and yes, I've been every year since graduation) it seems to be more unbelievable that I really did spend 4 years living in this paradise they call Stanford University.

Was it possible that I lived within a mile with all these fabulous friends, surrounded by palm trees in land whose forecast seems always to be 73 and sunny? And what were we doing here? Spending our days biking to a class or two, lounging on a lawn reading, running through the rolling foothills with views of our red roofed community below, stopping by the on campus mall, swimming at the pool, always with at least two friends in tow...Did I really live in this land of continual sunshine and no open container rules?

Going back to campus this weekend-- the tailgates, and hundreds of friends returning to adorn themselves in red and reminisce-- was heavenly.
This year perhaps more so than ever, as we decided it was no longer appropriate to sleep on the floor of Pi Phi since even the little girls that were freshman when we graduated have too grown up and left the house. So we splurged and stayed at the new Rosewood Hotel, a little paradise itself, owned by the University and a few short miles from it.

Saturday was jam packed, starting with storming the sorority for brunch and followed by hitting up the bookstore to prove our loyalty by purchasing every new piece of Stanford gear available, including this years' hit-- the Stanny bowtie. (pics to come)

Decked out, we headed to tailgate and reunion party hop, with the last stop at the Treehouse, our on-campus staple for late night nacos, and ending in spells of laughter and eating candy in the hotel room, before passing out (before 10pm) three to a bed.
Take. Me. Back.

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