Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spooky Sweets, Part 3

For better or worse (def worse for my hips, butt, waist), I was not satisfied with just 4 dozen frosted sugar cookies, and I was on quite a roll so decided to keep it going this weekend. Rice krispy treats are great because they don't require baking, so you can make them while your sugar cookies are in the oven-- perf, I can multitask. Side note: Why are rice krispys spelled with a K? I Googled "Halloween rice krispy treats" to find this sweet recipe on Stylish Giving (Thank you Goog). I followed it but subbed the standard krispies for cocoa krispies for an even more halloweeny flav. Success! (Picture shows cocoa crispy treat with candy corn center with bags of candy corn chocolate sugar cookies around it) I also decided to whip up a batch of the classic rice krispy treats, cause I somehow got in my head that it would be fun to make rice crispy balls like we used to get from some old neighbor or family member at Christmas when I was a kid-- dipped in chocolate or with candy or something and wrapped up with bows (at least as far as my elementary school memory recalls).

So after mixing the standard rice krispy ingredients together, and while the bowl of marshmellowy goodness was still warm and very sticky, I buttered my hands (kinda sick, I know, but they were clean) and molded balls of hot krispy and placed them on a cookie sheet to dry. I made a bunch of balls, and then I buttered up my ghost cookie cutter and carefully pressed the hot krispy into the cutters, pressing down hard and then pulling the cutter off, leaving a ghost shaped treat on the cookie sheet.
I have the same attitude about frosting as Julia Child does about butter-- everything's better with a good healthy(?) helping. So once the crispy treats were dry, I used some of the royal icing I had leftover from the sugar cookies to frost the ghosts.

When I went to work the next day and there was a
cookies by design bouquet abandoned in the microkitchen and shrieked "OMG I can make a ghost bouquet!" (I'm serious about the shrieking, much to my coworkers' embarassment) I removed all cookies and snatched up the sticks and base...Perfect! I found it was easy to push the sticks into the bottoms of rice crispy ghosts after they are dry and frosted and voi-la: Ghost Pops! Def my fav halloween creation so far: Great as individual gifts, and absolutely spooktackular (I know-- it's a played out phrase) once I stuck the sticks back in the cookies by design base and wrapped the bottom in tissue paper! I'm looking into where I can purchase some of these bases wholesale...perhaps there is a market for this: Crispies by Design? Stay tuned...

Oh and I also frosted half the krispy balls in orange icing and dipped them chocolate sprinkles...cute, but don't hold a torch to the ghosties.

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