Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend whirlwind

My apartment feels quiet and empty after a fabulous weekend visit from the bride-to-bes: Alex and Kit. It was a weekend full of wedding talking and shopping, wining and dining and of course singing and dancing. We kicked it off by a fabulous Saturday afternoon strolling the highline and SoHo, followed by a very posh dinner with Lo at Kingswood. It ended in revelry at home as I decided to take entertaining my guests to the next level-- an interpretive dance in my pajamas. (not a nightie, my pink polkadot nightgown). Apparently Alex and Kit were impressed as they let me sleep middle spoon in my bed.

Sunday was LBG's birthday and we had a classy afternoon at In The Heights, which was equally as entertaining the second time, though luckily I didn't cry as much. Lauren and I decided we should take a trip up to check out the real neighborhood-- probably dressed in In the Heights T-shirts....inapprop?

We then spent the afternoon shopping our way to the upper east side vegan dinner. We celebrated Lauren's distaste for animal flesh at Candle79 which should be renamed "I can't believe it's not meat" as it's a vegan restaurant which tries to make you think things like soybeans and quinoa are as tasty as steak and chicken. They didn't quite fool us, but it was yummy none the less. Here's a picture of the birthday Satan (we thought horns more appropriate than a tiara) after eating a Sietan steak. Weird.

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