Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fairy Tale Halloween, sponsored by Natty Light

After a fabulous freight-day in DC last year, Lo and I decided to head back for a repeat performance. It was also an opportunity to stay with the lovely Snow White in her newly purchased palace (sick 3 bdrm condo). The weekend was nothing short of happily ever after, with highlights including a lovely brunch with Amanda (Stern) Applebaum, copious amounts of wine and three cheese gnoci, getting our car towed in Georgetown and my introduction/obsession with ABC series Modern Family.

My costume this year, was inspired by recently launched Nattyism's campaign:
Special thanks to Jonathan who worked the Photoshop magic to create this Nat-o-ween masterpiece. It unfortunately deteriorated around midnight when I finally had enough of the restricted motion and tore up the dance floor, and consequently the costume. There were many benefits however:

1. The Natty Caddy will double quite well as a grocery carrier in NY
2. The "can" is recyclable
3. I was essentially wearing a giant name tag (which was great for drunken introductions)
4. I got to wear silver spandex: not sure this is as much a benefit as a requirement for me

The weekend had a fairy tale ending with a modern twist-- turns out Snow White ended up with a Coal Miner...who knew?

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