Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Totally Tom Sawyered

The best part of last week was getting a call from Bec on Thursday night to tell me she would be making a surprise one night stopover in NYC on Friday. OMG dream. I took her to Rocking Horse for dinner. Then I brought her home and she, like many family members before her, got Tom Sawyered into one of my projects.

It started when I showed her several options I had been working on for the team bachelorette invite, then we got talking and experimenting with different layouts, and as soon as you know it, we were in assembly line hand stamping and bow-tying the invites. It was hours later and after midnight that she realized "this is SO typical, I come over for one night, and you Tom Sawyer me into one of your projects." She claimed to be miserable, that I was keeping her there stamping, rather than going out with her friends....right.
I never have malicious intentions, I swear. It's just that I get excited about some project, my excitement is contagious, and as soon as you know it it's after midnight and you're hard at work executing a creative masterpiece (ok, maybe that's a stretch).

In any case, we had a lovely night of crafting, and she shouldn't really be complaining since I bought her dinner and baked her banana bread. Most of the time she looked a lot more happy like this:
BTW, these pics make me feel like the ugly stepsister. I should cut my hair and wear my glasses more often-- she is really pulling off that hot-sophisticate look.

Most importantly, together we managed to stamp, punch, tie and glue these invites together. Which, if I do say so myself, are pretty darn cute.
5 rings tied together at the top because there are 5 bachelorettes (Alex, Deej, Jess, MeganandAsh)

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