Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Training 2K10

So yes, as you may have heard Erin mention on National TV, we headed to Scottsdale for a 5 way bachelorette weekend directly following our big Martha win. It was a repeat trip-- after the best weekend of our lives last year, we just had to return to the Valley Ho for some spring training fun.This time we had more to celebrate than just ourselves, as 5 of the 12 team members have been rocked up since last year's training.

Unfortunately us NYC girls had a bit of trouble getting there-- it started with the worlds most anxious cab driver, we then missed our flight and were faced with frustrated and rude US airways employee and 3 screaming crying fellow passengers. We kept our cool, found out Jet Blue had a flight out, and sprinted to their terminal. We got lucky with a gem of a gate agent who processed our tickets, checked our bags, ran us to the gate, AND wore a birthday hat (which clearly I offered her) in less than 35 minutes, to get us on our flight.
The crazy departure made our late arrival at the Ho even more exciting, there was screaming hugging and laughing that sent security to our room shortly thereafter....

In true Team and Pi Phi fashion, all the single ladies (*queue Beyonce song) acted as though the 5 ladies: Dyani, Ashlee, Jess, Alex and Megan ("DA JAM" for short) were our pledges.
Here they are, aren't they just the cutest?! (we totally won rush)
Here goes the recap:

Friday night: We lock DA JAM in one room to make up a dance to be performed on Saturday night, while the single ladies got to work decking out the room with banners, pictures, posters and assembling gift bags of tshirts, cups, rings and all sorts of goodies:
The single ladies then preformed a rhyming roast/toast, complete with a drink to honor each bachelorette:
We then continued to have our cake (and champagne) and eat it too.... lots of catching up.

Saturday was a perfect Scottsdale day, high 70s and sunny, with 0% humidity and 100% awesomeness. We spent it by the pool, drinking Go Bananas and mimosas until early afternoon when we headed to the Giants/A's game. Unfortunately unlike last year we did not get kidnapped on a party bus, but we did get taken for a free ride on a pedicab....
We were careful to monitor our beer intake at the game, for fear of passing out by 9pm, and luckily we managed to keep it in check. We trapped DA JAM in the side room again and set up for Red Night (another pi phi tradition).

Rather than buy some standard pink bachelorette crowns/veils, I decided to make DIY headwear for the ladies....I found the stretchy sequinned trim, lace, letters and feathers all MJ Trimmings, and went to town fashioning these Red Night meets flapper accessories for our rocked up ladies:
We then played a "how well do you know DA JAM" game...we had asked them all for random facts ahead of time, and the single ladies had to guess. Following that there was a very odd Pi Phi tradition interlude....The Cookie Shine, where basically we lay out a sheet and ate cookies and read stories sent by the boys about their fiances. Cheesy? Yes. Necessary? Definitely. (and of course there were tears shed).

Next stop before dinner was getting a shot of the group in the tub, clearly. So we called the bellhop and about 50 flashes later we were ready to roll. Locked up Ladies:
And the whole group:

Last but not least, we made DA JAM preform their dance....which looked strikingly similar to the "Devil Dance" several of the ladies had performed at rush 5 years ago, with the brilliant addition of Dyani doing the worm as the finale (video coming soon).
If you've read this far, you probably want to check out the rest of the pics. Let's just say, this weekend sets a hiiiiigh bar for bachelorettes!

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