Thursday, August 12, 2010

SoCal Sweethearts: A&P say "We Do!"

Team Photo w/Bride #2

So I am still reeling from the excitement of Alex and Pat's wedding weekend extravaganza 2 weeks ago. It seems to me that every wedding has some element of Fairy Tale-- for Dyani and Brice the french chateau setting said it all, for Leslie and Ben it was the reading of their beautiful love letters, and for Alex and Pat-- it was a Fairy Tale 14 years in the making. Though it was indeed, I think the couple and their every guest would agree, it was worth the wait for this special day.

The wedding was held in the picturesque beach town of La Jolla, and the ceremony and reception were held at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, where Alex's dad is director; and which is only several miles from Muirlands Middle School where Alex and Pat met 14 years ago. I arrived on Wednesday night, not to miss out on any of the action, and to help the bride prepare and ward off any nervs. Lucky for me, Alex (surprise surprise) was the chillest bride ever.

Festivities began Friday afternoon with a day at the beach of meeting and greeting, followed by a rehersal filled with sunshine and a "Rehersal Fiesta," complete with many margs, and toasts. Since A & P are always the last ones to leave the party, the only struggle of the weekend was actually getting them to leave the bar Friday night so that they could get their beauty rest before the big day!

The wedding day was so happy it is impossible to capture. Jessica "The Party Pope" Goldman officiating the ceremony was brilliant. I don't remember ever crying, laughing and cheering so hard within the span of 5 minutes. There was cheering, hooting and even noisemakers when they kissed- the energy of the event rivaled a graduation-- nothing but celebration. And the celebration continued all evening....
Dancing started early and went late-- we were twisting and turning and even danced the hora (why not?).
I don't know who brought the glow sticks but as I recall around 1am it turned rave wedding...
Shoes were taken off, cigars smoked, glasses toasted and school cheers chanted. The last song was dedicated to the couple, though somehow they had sneaked out the door without the rest of us noticing. Nevertheless, we circled up and "pretended" they were in the middle toasting to them and swaying.....
Many more pics here courtesy of Paparazzi Paul.

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