Monday, August 2, 2010

Winsor Reunion Part 2: Delayed Post for my Fabulous Hosts!

Delayed post, but must be documented that Erica and Meghan (the real working-but-living-in-houses wives of Connecticut) hosted Yasmin and me for a fabulous weekend in the burbs, two weeks back. We hung out at the lovely Fairfield town beach all day, and came home to hanging in the Beckers' yard (oh, to have a YARD!) with the dogs, sipping Meghan's Mango Mint Margaritas. The CT ladies prepared an amazing fresh summer meal of grilled chicken and veggies as we city dwellers watched the sunset from the hammock. They are living the suburban dream these ladies!! It will be a tough act to follow when Yasmin and I host them in lower Manhattan for our next reunion...


  1. Craving Mango Mint Margaritas.... can't wait for reunion take 3 :)

  2. Erica, is it possible that you have a better tan than I do in this picture??? So much fun as always ladies.